Digitally Signing a Document Using Adobe Reader DC

This guide is written for the 2019 version of Adobe Reader DC. Please ensure you have Adobe updated to the latest version in order to match the instructions in this guide.

1. Make sure your card is in the reader and your reader is connected to the computer.

2. Open the PDF file you wish to sign using the reader. You must use Adobe Reader DC to open the file.

3. Access the Edit, Manage Tools menu; Shortcut ALT + E, then press M.

Image showing the Edit, Manage Tools menu.




4. Select the Certificates menu by clicking on it or tabbing through the items.

Image showing the certificates icon.






5. A menu bar approximately 3 centimeters from the top of the screen opens.Click on the Digitally Sign item.

Image showing the menu bar containing the Digitally Sign option.



6. Draw a rectangle on the PDF document which will be filled with the digital signature.

Image of user doing click and drag forming a rectangle.









7. Select the certificate containing your name and surname, followed by SIGNATURE in parenthesis.

An image of a list of certificates with the one containing the word signature highlighted.














8. Click on the Continue button to confirm you want to sign the document.

9. Click on the Sign button.

10. Signing a document creates a new file. Type in the filename of the document.

11. You will be prompted to enter the non-repudiation (signing) PIN. Type in your signing pin number and click OK.

An image of a popup asking the user to enter his signing (non-repudiation) pin with ok and cancel options.







Your signed document has been created.

When you close and re-open the document you may check the digital signature you or someone else used to sign the document. An accessible way of selecting the signature is by using the TAB button. Double clicking or using the Enter key on the signature created will show you that the document is signed.






Signed documents with valid certificates issued by Identity Malta will show that the Signature is valid, and that the Source of Trust is obtained from European Union Trusted Lists. You can view this information by clicking on the Signature Properties button.






Disclaimer: Identity Malta does not support Adobe Reader and is unable to change the functionality and behavior of the software. Identity Malta is only responsible for providing the tool to integrate with Adobe Reader for creating the digital signature allowing you to choose the digital certificates on your e-ID or e-Residence card and input the PIN.