Searches on Individuals and Companies

When purchasing a home it is mandatory by law, generally through the service of a Public Notary, to carry out a search on the the current and previous owners of that property. The same procedure applies to prospective partnerships in firms or ownerships of companies. When searching on the current and the previous owner, the potential buyer will get an overview of the history of ownership and any restrictions which might exist, including mortgages, ground rent, as well as any particular rights of possessions and use connected to the property of interest.

Any person wanting to conduct a search on an individual or a property can do so through a Public Notary or by visiting the Searches Unit Front Office. A Front Officer will guide him/her through the process of ordering a search, taking all the necessary details and submitting the search on the client’s behalf. Alternatively, the same type of search can also be ordered online

The information required to order a search on Individuals/Companies includes:

  • Name and Surname of the individual, or full legal name of the company;
  • Name and Surname of parents (maiden surname of mother);
  • Name and Surname of husband (for married women);
  • Birthplace;
  • Timeframes to be searched;

Searches can be ordered as normal, priority or updates depending on the timeframes and urgency of the search.

Normal Searches take up to 10 working days and cost €15.85 and €3.20/€0.95 per note. Priority searches are issued within three (3) working days from date of order and cost €31.70 and €6.20/€1.90 per note.

Updates cover a period of up to 90 days preceding the date of issue and are issued within three (3) working days. Updates cost €4.15 and €3.20/€0.95 per note.