Registration of Notes

The legal section within the Searches Unit (also known as Preżentata) is responsible for accepting, vetting and registering all documents presented by Notaries or received from Court as prescribed by law (namely the Public Registry Act, Civil Code, Code of Organization and Civil Procedure, Notarial Profession and Notarial Archives Act, Dangerous Drugs Ordinance and various other ancillary laws).

The section’s clients consist of notaries, lawyers and legal procurators. The general public doesn’t make use of this service, as it is ultimately the legal person who drafts and registers the deeds within the legal timeframes and according to the templates provided by the afore-mentioned laws. Furthermore, it is crucial to point out that the Notary draws up a summary of the deed and presents the latter for registration, rather than the actual deed with the former being referred to as the note. A note can be a note of enrolment, hypothecation, reference, warrant, and other notices. Another important task carried out by this section entails the legal endorsement (through the legal officers’ signature) of all the searches involving individuals in the transfer of property and certificates of public will searches, decontrol certificates, land valuation certificates and acts of civil status.