Conversion of Civil Union into Marriage

The Marriage Registry Section also provides assistance to those couples wishing to convert their Civil Unions that were contracted in Malta or outside Malta, into Marriage. In order to be converted into marriage, the Civil Union had to take place prior to the coming into force of the Marriage Act and other Laws (Amendment) Act 2017 and within five years from coming into force of the said Act. Conversion requests may be accepted until the 1st December, 2022.

The couples wishing to convert their Civil Union into marriage should visit the Public Registry and provide:

1. A sworn declaration, requesting the conversion signed by both parties before the Registrar, through this link;
2. Valid identification documents;
3. A legal copy of the act of civil union which is to be converted;
4. The payment of fee of €25.65 for conversion.

Once all the requirements have been fulfilled, an annotation is inserted on the act of civil union that it has been converted into marriage. The Registrar shall then issue an act of marriage, dated with the date in which the civil union was contracted, and an annotation is made on the act of marriage to the effect that such act is the result of a conversion.

Clients residing overseas may seek assistance to the above through a Maltese Mission.