De La Rue successfully concludes polycarbonate bio-page pre-production run

De La Rue has successfully concluded the polycarbonate bio-page pre-production run which will safely capture the passport holder’s personal details.

During her visit to the De La Rue factory plant, the Parliamentary Secretary for Reform, Citizenship and the Simplification of Administrative Procedures, Hon. Julia Farrugia Portelli, held that this advanced bio-page solution will make the Maltese passport even more secure. As a matter of fact, the new Maltese passport will be amongst the first European passports to make use of this technology.

The polycarbonate bio-data page, which will be affixed to the new travel document, integrates highly sophisticated security features to protect the holders’ personal details. This advanced bio-page solution consists of a number of individual layers fused together under immense pressure and heat to create a secure card which makes it extremely hard to counterfeit without leaving any signs of attack. The security features incorporated will include UV and IR prints, see-through window and dovid features. The personal data found on the polycarbonate bio-page will be laser engraved, producing a very high quality definition image replica. It also ensures strong performance, longevity and durability.

Now that the polycarbonate bio-page pre-production run is complete, the next testing phase will see to the printing of intricate imagery on the inner pages and the booklet’s binding. The intricate imagery, having highly sophisticated layers of security features, will be printed in secure ink and was primarily intended for security reasons and not just aesthetic.

Hon. Farrugia Portelli emphasized that with the use of cutting-edge technology, the new Maltese passport will have additional security features which will further prevent document fraud and identity theft.

The gradual roll-out of the new Maltese passport will commence towards the end of 2019 and will happen over a number of years. The new travel document will be issued on the submission of a new application or renewal at no additional cost. Passports in circulation will remain fit for travel and valid until their expiry date. Existing passports already conform to international security standards, but the new one will make use of latest technology to further prevent document forgery. Identity Malta Agency will facilitate the use of the Maltese passport for the visually impaired.