By virtue of EU regulation 2016/1191, EU citizens requested to present public documents such as the birth, marriage, civil union, free status and death certificates to a public authority in another EU Member State will no longer need to authenticate these documents by requesting an apostille. This regulation will impact over 17 million citizens, making it easier to work or live in the EU. 

Public documents issued under EU Regulation 2016/1191 are now accepted as authentic by the public authorities of another Member State. The regulation abolishes the need for EU citizens to provide certified copies and certified translations of their public documents. 

Citizens can request to attach a multilingual standard form to the public document itself. This will be available in all EU languages and will avoid the need for translation. 

The regulation incorporates a number of safeguards to prevent document fraud. Any receiving authority concerned with the authenticity of a public document, can confirm its authenticity with the issuing authority through the Internal Market Information System platform.

The regulation deals solely with the authenticity of public documents. Member States will continue to apply their national rules concerning the recognition of the content and effects of a public document issued in another European Union country.

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