Expired approval letters in principles will be further extended. 

  • New Single Permit applications reopen on Monday 3rd August 2020

Identity Malta Agency is engaged in discussions with its stakeholders in order to start reaccepting new single permit applications from Monday 3rd August 2020.

All new single permit applications will be rigorously assessed by Identity Malta and the other stakeholders involved in the process, taking into consideration the latest labour market testing and applicable legislation. Once new single permit applications reopen, applicants can submit an online application on https://singlepermit.gov.mt/ and approvals will be granted without prejudice to:

  • any further approval that may be required by the Maltese Health Authorities in order for the applicant to be able to proceed to Malta (as per Legal Notices 244, 255, 280 and 290 of 2020, and/or any subsequent related LN which may be issued by the Health Authorities);
  • any visa requirements, especially if the applicant originates from a country where there is no facilitation yet for the issue of visa;
  • any restrictions regarding travelling to Malta imposed by EU member states through which the applicant would need to transit in order to reach Malta.
  • Expired approval letters in principles will be further extended

Following further discussions, Identity Malta Agency will be communicating new letters with extended dates to successful single permit applicants who are still abroad and whose letter of approval in principle has expired. In light of this, applicants who were notified to proceed to Malta and were granted a visa from a Maltese mission abroad, which has now expired, will need to submit a new visa application. The reopening of visa centres highly depends on the general health situation in the concerned countries, whereby, both consulates and external visa service providers would need to be in a position to operate in line with any current or future EU recommendations as well as local Health Authorities regulations.

  • Applications put on hold are being reassessed

As for pending single permit applications which were put on hold in March, these are being reassessed, taking into consideration the labour market developments and requirements, and a final decision will be communicated soon.

The approval of visa and work or residence permit is without prejudice to the conditions outlined above.