Digitally Signing a document using Microsoft Word

1. Open the document you would like to sign. You have to save it before signing. Shortcut: CTRL+S.

2. Press the following hotkeys: Shortcut: ALT+F, I, P, S. Alternatively follow the next 4 steps. If you use the hotkeys, you can proceed from step 7:

Image showing the "add a digital signature menu" in Microsoft Word.

3. Navigate to File from the menu and click the Info tab.

4. Click Protect Document

5. Click Add a digital signature.

Image of the fields panel asking the user to type in the commitment type, purpose for signing document and selection of digital certificate.

6. In the Commitment drop down, you can select “Created and Approved this document”

7. In the next field “Purpose for signing document”, you can leave it blank.

8. Below the fields, there should be a non-editable field. If it is empty, click on Change. Alternatively, make sure that it reads your name, surname and Signature in parenthesis.

9. If you clicked on Change, select the certificate that says your name, surname in parenthesis. Then click on OK.

Image of panel showing the different certificates available for signing. The Signature one should be chosen.

10. Click on Sign. It may give a warning that your certificate can not be verified. Ignore this warning and click YES.

11. You will be prompted to enter the non-repudiation (signing) PIN. Type in your signing pin number and click OK.

An image of a popup asking the user to enter his signing (non-repudiation) pin with ok and cancel options.

12. You will get a prompt telling you that your signature has been successfully saved with this document.

13. When you save and close this document, you can re-open it to see the signature.

Image showing a screenshot of two bars under the File menu, showing that this document is marked as final, and that it contains digital signatures.

Disclaimer: Identity Malta does not support Microsoft Word and is unable to change the functionality and behavior of the software. Identity Malta is only responsible for providing the tool to integrate with Microsoft Word for creating the digital signature allowing you to choose the digital certificates on your e-ID or e-Residence card and input the PIN.