Adoptions are registered by the Public Registry Office through the Adoptions Person Registrar.

Last Update: 20/10/2022

What is the application procedure to be followed?

The Public Registry is notified with a legal copy of the Adoption Decree from the Registrar of the Law Courts.  The Public Registry complies with the decree by registering the adoption and by creating an Act of Adoption in the Adoption Persons Register. In adoptions, where it results that an Act of Birth was registered in the Public Registry, the Act of Birth is updated  using an appropriate remark.

What do I need to provide?

The legal copy of the Adoption Decree is the evidence submitted and is notified directly by a court official.

The process can be performed in which languages?

The procedure can be carried out in Maltese and English.

How do I prove my identity?

The accepted means of authentication, identification and signature is the Public Registry confirming that the Court decree is a true legal copy.  This is done by authenticating the stamp on the Court Decree that should read ‘QORTI ĊIVILI (SEZZJONI TA’ ĠURISDIZZJONI VOLONTARJA) VERA KOPJA FOTOSTATIKA and ensuring that the document has the original signature of the Deputy Registrar of the Courts of Malta.

How long does the process take and what are the applicable deadlines?

The Director of the Public Registry shall, within fifteen days of the receipt of the legal copy of the adoption decree, complete the whole registration process of the same adoption decree.

Are there any fees for this process?

There are no fees levied by the Public Registry for a registration of an adoption.

What should I do if I have not heard from the Public Registry?

The Public Registry supplies information regarding the progress of Adoption Court Decree only to Legal Representatives and the adoptees and the adopted person if he/she is over 18 years of age upon request.

What can I do in case there is a dispute?

  • Corrections of the Adoption Decree – In cases where the adopters or the adopted person wish to correct any particular or revoke a direction on the adoption decree, as registered in the Public Registry, Article 127 of the Civil Code stipulates that an application has to be filed before the competent court, requesting the same to amend any particular or revoke any direction on the adoption decree. If satisfied, the Court shall communicate such order to the Director of the Public Registry to update the adoption records accordingly.
  • Copies of the adoption decrees or original birth certificatesArticle 127A of the Civil Code states that a copy of the adoption decree or a copy of the original birth certificate cannot be issued to any person unless a Court order is produced in this regard.

Contact Information

The competent Authority responsible for the procedure is the:

  • Gozo Public Registry, By the Bastion Road, Victoria, Gozo VCT1335.

Email [email protected]  Tel:  +356 22156383.

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